Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory  
About Us
A lot of people we meet on the street ask us, "What the heck do you guys do there?" Our answer is always the same: "If we knew that we'd probably go do something else.

Our Store
Yes, we had one, where once could buy stuff that you never knew existed... stuff that you couldn't believe anyone would take the time to invent! But sadly, since the engineers are gone, we've lost our development team so no new creations are on the docket and the store is closed to sales... but you can still download user guides, documentation and firmware.

diychristmas.org forums
is our main technical support platform and you'll want to become a member. There are no fees, but you do have to register to see all the good stuff that's been done by thousands of Christmas light hobbyists and learn how you can do it, too! Click on thelogo below:

The engineers are gone but they left some videos...


Why do we have this link for Minneapolis weather? Well, it gives our engineers a chance to decide whether or not they'll come to the lab on any given day. Secondarily, the boss is an avid fisherman and he plays hooky whenever he can.







DIGWDF.COM -- not the best, not the worst, just what it is.