Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory

SSR Wi-Fi Adapter

Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory

Welcome to the DIGWDF store!  This is a place where you used to be able to actually buy stuff that you never knew existed! Nobody else on the planet had these products and if you wanted 'em, here's where you had to get 'em. Do they work? You betcha! Here's a sample from our own 2018 display: https://vimeo.com/251202433

By the way, 100% of the meager profits from the DIGWDF Store helped pay the expenses of operating diychristmas.org: http://diychristmas.org When you bought something from DIGWDF, you were helping to keep diychristmas.org a FREE service! So THANK YOU!

But now, the DIGWDF Store is closed for development and sales. The engineers and office staff have departed and all that's left is some unidentifiable sticky goo in the lab, probably remnants of the engineers' crazy glue squirtgun fights... Thanks to all who supported us throughout the nearly 7 years we were open! It's been a pleasure to invent things and serve you!