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DipTrace design files provided in the original, "dip" format. Understand that the original design files are copyrighted by DIGWDF and are provided solely for your own personal use; you may not redistribute the ORIGINAL design files themselves, such as posting them on Oshpark or Tindie.You may, however, modify the files in any manner that you choose and by so doing distribute YOUR OWN files however you wish. However, you agree to remove any and all references to DIGWDF and/or dirknerkle from the design prior to generating Gerber files and producing PCBs from your modified design.

The files are provided "as-is" without a guarantee or warranty of any kind for fitness of purpose. By downloading any of our Gerber or DipTrace files you agree to hold harmless DIGWDF, dirknerkle and from any and all issues that may arise out of using the files.

A picture or graphic of the PCB is usually provided and most of the time, we've tried to include a photo of a completed board. We heartily encourage downloading the documentation for each board (most are covered) as it will be helpful to you in understanding how it works. All our documentation is provided without cost.

You may rebrand the modified designs if you wish, but you may not redistribute the respective DIGWDF Assembly & User Guide with your rebranded design; you must write your own documentation for your own design.

DipTrace design files are universally priced at $2.00 per design. You needn't purchase any more than one of any downloadable item.

Reminder: These are DOWNLOADABLE FILES, not products that you can hold in your hand. We're providing the design files so that you can use them as launching pads for your own DipTrace projects. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR ERRONEOUSLY PURCHASED DOWNLOADABLE FILES.


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