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Kits that you can build, complete with circuit board and parts. Our kits come with a "no-fail-build" guarantee. If it doesn't work after you assemble it, send it to us and we'll fix it FREE -- you pay only the postage to ship it back to you! If a kit isn't listed, it means we're sold out -- but there may be bare boards available, so check the bare boards category!!!

NOTE: A DIY kit is essentially a "bag of parts" and all our kits use commonly-available components, so there are no surprises. It is our expectation that kit builders are able to identify parts by their markings and shapes or do a little research if they don't know what they are. We also expect that kit builders will have a DVM or VOM and know how to use it to measure resistor values and test voltages where necessary. Assembly and user guides are available for all our multi-part kits, usually found via the DOWNLOAD tab for the kit in question and sometimes we insert the instructions right inside the parts bag.


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