None of the items purchased from the DIGWDF store carry any warranty of any kind, for fitness of purpose, design, or anything else. As we provide convenience items for a do-it-yourself hobbiest community, all responsibility for the assembly and/or usage of any items purchased from the DIGWDF store rests solely with the purchaser and/or eventual owner of the item(s). 

In any event, the maximum recourse the purchaser has is a refund of the original purchase price. Refunds require the return of the purchased item to the DIGWDF store (at the purchaser's expense) along with a copy of the original purchase invoice. In special cases, refunds may be made in the form of a store credit instead of a cash refund; DIGWDF reserves the right to determine when a store credit will be used in place of a cash refund.

Our postal address for refunds:
DIGWDF Store, 14910 47th Ave N., Plymouth, MN 55446