About us

Our company

DIGWDF is a private company that is owned and operated by Dirk Nerkle. It is located in the near-frozen wasteland that is traditionally called Minnesota, the home of BillyBob Smozgarm's infamous feats of derring-do... not to mention the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Wild and the Minnesota Golden Gophers... (Sky-U-Mah!)

Our product line emanates from the combined efforts of our three miscreant engineers, Grelllbbb, Hngnnorrgg and Fffllleeennnkkk, who we often find passed-out in the lab after inhaling too many soldering fumes. Curiously, they're always smiling and wide-eyed even though they're unconscious... we don't understand why that happens... actually, we don't understand them at all. But to keep our local community safe, we keep them locked in the lab and only let them out for a weekly hosedown in the garage...  They have escaped on a couple occasions, usually around Halloween, but the authorities always bring them back to us, probably because they don't know what to do with them, either.


Hngnnorrgg       Grelllbbb       Fffllleeennnkkk


Our Pricing

We include shipping/handling with almost all of the products we sell. Sometimes a customer will ask about discounted shipping with bigger orders, but because we build in a few cents on every item to help cover S/H, the current method works well for us and is low-maintenance. For small orders of one or two boards, we generally lose money on shipping. A padded envelope plus trackable USPS shipping typically costs about $3.10, so when a customer buys a single PCB for $4.25, well, do the math... it doesn't leave much for profit and in that example, we actually lose a couple bucks. But over the course of a year we've found it works out so that overall, we're able to provide these one-of-a-kind products at reasonable prices for the lighting hobby community as a whole.

Some customers have said "if you bought in larger quantities it would be cheaper for the customer." That's certainly true, but we're not running a group buy store here. We don't have the financial backing to purchase the hundreds of boards it would take to get the per-piece cost down to group buy prices. Let's face it, these are specialized products that don't move very quickly and we'd go out of business in no time if we did that. Instead, we buy 15, 25, maybe 35 boards at a time which, of course, means our per-piece cost is higher. But because customers typically buy only one or two of an item, it makes it affordable for us to stock items that you can't find anywhere else on the planet. 

Tried and Tested

We believe in using the gear that we design and sell. Consequently, prototypes of all our products are always tested by putting them into actual use in our annual shows and usually over the full course of a brutal Minnesota winter before we make a production run. That way we know exactly how an item performs and we know that it's going to work for you, too.

Not too much more needs to be said. What you see is what you get.

Our postal address is:
DIGWDF Store, 14910 47th Avenue North, Plymouth, MN 55446