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Share the Experience! Here's a way to make a voluntary contribution to to help defray forum operating expenses. Please click VIEW for full information!

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As you may know, we have no required fees at -- our forum is completely free for you to use. But we've had many friends ask us "How can I help support -- can I send some money?" Well, we recognize how important it is to feel a part of the organizations we join, and we wanted to make a way for you to "Share the Experience!" But because we're very wary about doing anything at that requires a purchase or is tied to money, we've created this item, and you're welcome and, in fact, invited to participate if you feel it's worth your while and a $1 bill at our basic level. If you want to contribute more, please use the quantity option to factor it up -- and thank you!

"Are there any benefits?" Oc course! First, you'll certainly get that good feeling inside that you helped out, and of course, you have our sincere thanks because it's friends like you who make possible in the first place, but most importantly, you're helping to keep on the web as a place to explore the vast world of blinky-flashy!!!

Thank you so much for "Sharing the Experience!"


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