Ren-W Rev8 Adapter Kit

Ren-W Rev8 Adapter Kit

Ren-W Rev8 wireless adapter kit. Make any Renard controller that uses RS-485 input control into a wireless controller!

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Users asked for a Ren-W kit, and here it is! The Rev8 is our most popular Ren-W adapter and can be either a fine transmitter or receiver. The kit includes all parts except the XBee radio which you supply on your own, a short power cable to connect to +5v somewhere on your controller, and a short cat5 cable to connect to your controllers RJ45 input jack. The Rev8 kit is an easy build and assembly time is approximately twenty minutes. And as always, the price includes shipping and handling,

Note: The photo is a Rev7 version -- Rev8 adds the ability to power the adapter through the cat5 cable!