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The OFFICIAL t-shirt! This program was replaced with the embroidered shirt.... but it's still a pretty terrific t-shirt!

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Yep, here it is. You've thought about it.... you've maybe dreamed about it... but now it can be yours! The shirt that makes the blinky-flashy experience extra special. 90% preshrunk cotton, 10% polyester, this is Gildan's "Ultra Cotton" shirt that will last a lifetime... or at least until you burn a hole in it with your soldering iron or rip it on a ladder while you're putting up lights... This shirt is the answer when your friends ask, "So, you like Christmas lights, huh?"

Color: GRAY only. Available in sizes S-M-L-XL-XLT-XXL-XXLT-3X-3XT-4X and either right or left-handed. (Don't ask -- the DIGWDF engineers wrote this and we don't understand them either...)

We have these made to order and it usually takes about two weeks from order to delivery. We collate the orders during the week and place them all together on Friday. Big Frog makes the shirts for us on Saturday, we pick them up and mail them early the next week. Price includes shipping/handling.