XBee Snap-In Kit (no XBee or ESP)

SOLD OUT - Make any Renard controller wireless! Quick, low-cost plug-in wireless solution for Renzilla, Renard SS24, SS16 and SS8 controllers, and the SimpleRen32 and Renard-Plus controllers, too! Build it for an XBee (or an ESP module) and enjoy totally wireless control of your show!

More details

The NEW XBee Snap-In was developed specifically for the SimpleRen32, Renard-Plus and SS-brand controllers, but includes the same, tried-and-tested design for the Renard SS line of controllers. It is literally a plug-in item. Assembly is quick and easy -- about 10 minutes. The kit is provided with all the parts necessary to build it either for an ESP-01 module or an XBee module but neither the XBee or ESP is included with the kit. However, shipping/handling is!

Need a cable to plug it into various pins on your controller? the MiniRen Connect Cable can work for you! 8" long, 6 female connectors... Sweet add-on!

The module can also be used as an XBee transmitter! If an ESP is used, it can only be a receiver that connects to your wireless router. And if you build it with the XBee parts, you can still plug an ESP Snap-In into it and switch back-and-forth between XBee and ESP control!

Why both options? Well, XBee provides a solid, long-range serial connection for Renard use but at a maximum of 57,600 baud; the ESP provides for a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for either Renard or DMX use, but the ESP requires a good, Wi-Fi router as the main transmitting station.

What's the difference between the XBee/ESP kit and the ESP/XBee kit? Parts. The XBee/ESP is primarily for the XBee user and includes all the parts for full XBee operation, yet it also has the mounting holes for the ESP module.  The ESP/XBee kit includes only the parts for an operational ESP-based solution and not parts for the XBee. By having two different kits for the same PCB it saves you money.