Renzilla96 Controller bare board

This is the main Renzilla controller board, and you can add multiple adapters to match the kinds of lights you need to control. One controller -- any kind of lights - less expense that a different controller for each kind. COMES WITH A FREE SISO ADAPTER bare board!!!

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Priviously sold out, but we discovered that we needed a few extra of our own, so we ordered a few extras for the store, too -- we've had a few requests...

RENZILLA is the highest dedicated channel-count Renard controller on the planet! The Renzilla BOM costs about $45 for the "deluxe" build; $38 for the "econo" build using lesser-expensive 2x8 header pins instead of the more-expensive keyed header sockets. Renzilla supports either the PIC16F688 or the PIC16F1825 chips and you can mix and match 16F688 and 16F1825 chips on the same board (the on-board 18.432 mhz oscillator is required if using the 16F688 chip). Renard start address firmware is recommended; Renard-DMX firmware (for the respective PIC chip used) is also supported by Renzilla.

NOTE: Your computer needs one of the following to communicate with Renzilla: XBee Snap-In or MiniRenSISO board. the Snap-in is for wireless communication; the SISO is for a wired connection. Or you can connect a USB-TTL adapter directly to Renzilla's inputs!  SISO is provided with the purchase of a main board but the Snap-In is an add-on product!

Be sure to review the Renzilla manual -- click on the DOWNLOAD tab for more info. All our documentation and Renard firmware is FREE!


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