Renzilla PX-1 Adapter BOGO!

Renzilla PX-1 Adapter BOGO!

Add RGB smart pixels to your Renzilla with a PX-1 adapter! BOGO - Buy one, get one free!!!

More details

This adapter provides full PX-1 capability to Renzilla for 3-wire pixels (WS2811-type) and 4-wire pixels (WS2801-type). It requires using the PIC16F1825 chip instead of the PIC16F688 and a super-easy modification: simply bend up pins #2 and #4 of the 16F1825 chip so they do not connect in the socket when the chip is plugged into the Renzilla controller board. This applies ONLY when the 1825 chip is used with the PX-1 firmware. This is a TWO for ONE PRICE!!! Buy one, Get a second one free!!!

4-wire pixels can be used (WS2801 type) when the clock signal wire is connected to the C (clock) terminal of the adapter. The PX-1 firmware generates the appropriate clock signal within the 16F1825 chip.

The PX-1 was invented by Phil Short, a regular at DIYC. Here's a link to all the information about the PX-1: