DirkCheapDCSSR (Set of 4 boards)

DirkCheapDCSSR (Set of 4 boards)

The ORIGINAL, one-and-only, DirkCheapDCSSR. Only available here at DIGWDF!!! If there are no bare boards available, check the kits catagory!

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Yessirree.... pick up a set of 4 bare boards, add 4 transistors and 4 resistors and you've got a basic, working DC SSR. Nobody else on the planet has these ridiculously cheap SSR boards for low-current DC control. Build time is about 10 minutes per SSR -- and that's with ALL the parts! If you go on the super-cheap side with only the transistors and resistors, it's about 5 minutes, tops. This product is available in sets of 4 boards only -- price includes shipping, of course.

Lots of transistor options -- PN2222 will give you about 400ma capability; 2N2222A will give you up to about 700ma potential and a PN2222ABU is supposed to provide up to 1 amp! In actual practice, you won't want to push the transistors to the limit for very long though -- heat is your enemy here and unlike TRIACS that have a metal tab, transistors don't have a lot of heat dissipation possibilities. Depending on the transistor chosen, voltage capability ranges from 5-30 volts or more. The board traces are rated at 5 amps, so you while you might kill a few transistors, you won't kill the board!

NOTE: Power-hungry users, consider using the KSC2328A transistor -- rated up to 2A of collector current! Check out the 2A modification document -- click the Download tab above...

For full info, be sure to download the free assembly and user guide -- click on the Download tab above and download it from that page.