Flashamater Kit

A simple, easy-to-use ESP8266 Programmer from Grelllbbb, DIGWDF's head engineer. You also need an USB-TTL adapter to connect it to your computer!!!

More details

Leave it to Grelllbbb to come up with yet another surprisingly useful tool for the blinky-flashy hobbyist's toolkit! Officially called "Grelllbbb's ESP Flashamater Adaptimizer," this gizmo can help make quick work out of flashing new firmware into an ESP8266 module. It's a perfect companion to the DIGWDF ESP Snap-In! The kit includes the PCB and all parts and you can assemble this thing in about fifteen minutes -- longer if you forget to plug in your soldering iron... There's even an illustrated and intelligible manual (click the download tab above) to help you use it! And you'll find other helpful downloadable tools on the downloads page, too! There are other ESP8266-based products that have the flashing circuitry and require parts so that you can flash the ESP modules right on the board, but we think it's less expensive to build only one programmer and pay for the parts only once instead of having to install them on every board.

Yessirree, Grelllbbb's Flashamater Adaptimizer is the answer to one of the great mysteries of life. And we'd tell you what that is except.... it's a mystery!

NOTE: You also need an USB->TTL adapter to connect the Flashamater to your computer! We sell them separately because a lot of folks already have the USB->TTL adapter and they don't want to buy another one... Be sure to pick one up if you don't have one already -- our's also have 3.3v output which is essential to power the ESP module (5v won't work - it will damage the ESP module!)