Flashamater bare board

Flashamater bare board

Programming carrier board for ESP-01 modules. Plenty boards in stock!

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The one and only Grelllbbb, our senior engineer, created this cheap board to make flashing an ESP module easy. You only need one of these inexpensive programmers to flash the ESP-01 modules, but at only four bucks, it's so cheap that why not pick up an extra just to "have around?"

The Flashamater also requires an USB->TTL adapter to connect it to your computer's USB port, so why not pick up one of those while you're at it???

You can buy other products that can also program an ESP-01 module, but wouldn't you want the one that DIGWDF's lead engineer uses? It's got not one, but TWO buttons on it! It's a powerhouse of programmability perfectly postured for production! You want one.... you NEED one... 

Parts needed for assembly:

1 - 2x4 Female Header

1 - 6-pin male header

2 - 10k 1/8w or 1/4w resistors

2 - Tactile PCB mount switches.