ESP Thing Kit (DC/AC*)

Previously sold out - we found 5 more kits! The THING! It can be a DC controller. It can be an AC controller (with the ZCSSR anyway)... It can be a servo controller.... it can be a pixel controller like the PX-1.... it's incredible!!!

More details

The ESP Thing kit is available two ways -- one WITHOUT the ESP module and one WITH it. Build time is about 10 minutes. For more information, see the description in the "Other Bare Boards" section of the store or better yet, click on the DOWNLOAD tab above and download the Assembly & User Guide!

The THING is the answer for whatever controller question you have. It can do it all. It even works left-handed!

What can you make with the ESP Thing? Here's an example we threw together -- powered by a cheap 120vac to 3.3vdc buck converter and some LEDs we pirated from some old battery-powered snowflakes:

Have an XBee network and want to add a THING to it? Easy! Pick up the inexpensive XBee to ESP adapter and plug it right in!