ESP BLUE Snap-In Kit w/ESP module

SOLD OUT - Replace your controller's XBee with this easy, plug-in lightning-fast, true Wi-Fi adapter!

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This kit has all of 5 parts to it and the only reason we don't pre-assemble it for you is to keep the shipping envelope thinner! This kit INCLUDES the ESP-01 module!

This is a drop-in replacement for an XBee module for any of our MiniRen controllers or a controller that currently uses the XBee Snap-In such as the Renzilla or Renard-Plus RP32 or TR24. As you know, the XBee is rock-solid but for the blinky-flashy hobby is limited to 57600 baud in speed, which limits the number of channels you can use on one XBee network. With the ESP Snap-In, you can run at blazing speeds, configuring your Renard system to run up to 230,400 baud or even DMX at 250kbps!

Just think, you can now make your controller wireless easily and quickly for less than eight bucks! QUITE THE DEAL!!! And wireless means you'll have fewer cables in the yard and even more flexible controller mounting options!

The photos show two ways to assemble the kit: the tall way with the 2x4 female socket and the low-profile way by soldering the ESP8266 module directly to the carrier PCB, leaving the pins sticking out the bottom (don't cut them off) so you can reprogram the module should the need arise. 

Ohhhhhh mannnn... this is a dream come true.... you gotta pick some of these up... heck, at this price, buy some for your friends! And while you're at it, pick up a Flashamater to go along with it!

Be sure to click the DOWNLOAD tab above and get the assembly and user guide -- lots of helpful information in there about configuring the ESP8266 modules! Other downloads include Bill Porter's version of Shelby Merrick's excellent ESP firmware, the J1SYS plugin for Vixen and the ESP Flasher, software and firmware that can restore your ESP module to factory specs. The Snap-In is also compatible with Shelby's NEW firmware, too!

Oh.... and by the way, we have USB-TTL adapters in stock if you need one of those. Yeah, you can buy them cheaper on eBay, but we've got to charge you for shipping, so it costs more from us. On the other hand, because we have them in stock, you don't have to wait 3 weeks to get one, either...