ESP/XBee RED Snap-In Kit w/module

SOLD OUT - Make any Renard controller Wi-Fi! Quick, low-cost plug-in wireless solution for Renzilla, Renard SS24, SS16 and SS8 and Renard-Plus controllers. Kit includes either the XBee or the ESP-01 module! YES! We have them in stock!

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The NEW ESP/XBee Snap-In was developed specifically for the SimpleRen32, Renard-Plus and RenBuss controllers, but includes the same, tried-and-tested design for the Renard SS line of controllers. It is literally a plug-in item. Assembly is quick and easy -- about 15 minutes. The kit is provided with all the parts necessary - including the module of your choice!

Need a cable to plug it into various pins on your controller? the MiniRen Connect Cable can work for you! 8" long, 6 female connectors... Sweet add-on!

With the ESP-01 module, it is a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for either Renard or DMX use, but the ESP requires a good, Wi-Fi router as the main transmitting station. You cannot use the ESP-based snap-in as a transmitter. The XBee module is slower (57,600 baud) but transmits further; it also requires an XBee transmitter to communicate to it -- such as a Ren-W Rev-8 or 9 set in XMIT mode -- and functions only in Renard mode. If you're concerned that this means XBee is underpowered, consider that the largest DIY display in the US encompasses more than 32 houses and uses XBee control...