ZCSSR bare board

SOLD OUT - Compact, high-current capacity 4-channel SSR for A/C lights with on-board ZC signal circuitry. A perfect match for the ESP Thing, or someone who needs a ZC signal with a Raspberry PI or Arduino!

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Who else but the DIGWDF engineers would devise an incredibly small SSR with an on-board ZC signal circuit, giving you the opportunity to pair it with the tiny ESP Thing controller for a powerful yet extremely compact controller/SSR combination for full dimming of AC lighting?! The ZCSSR PCB incorporates duplicate power traces on the top and bottom in 2oz copper, providing up to 10A capability per board! It includes the standard RJ45 jack connector plus header pins so that you have super-easy access to all the channel and ZC signal circuitry. Pop in either a 5A or 10A fuse in the on-board fuse holder and you're in business!

Ohhhhhhhh mannnnnnn.... the ZCSSR is the answer to one of life's most persistent questions: "C'mon baby, light my fire?" which in this case, means powering some serious Christmas lights!!! This could be the SSR that NASA Astronauts are considering taking along on the Mars mission so they can put up some lights on the lander and celebrate Christmas on Mars! Think about it -- with one of these in the front yard and another one in the back yard, you'd have TWO of them!

ZCSSR can also be used with regular DIY controllers too -- if you're looking for a very powerful yet compact SSR for your C9's, look no further! The ZCSSR is the answer!

Can the ZCSSR be used with 240 volts? YES!. Simply replace the four 180-ohm gate resistors with 360-ohm units, replace the two 15K resistors with 30K units, and replace the fuse with a 5amp or lower amperage fuse and you're in business!

Because this board has the heavy-duty 2-ounce copper on both the top and bottom sides, it's more expensive to produce. When you solder to it, you may also want to turn up the heat on your iron a few degrees so the solder flows smoothly as the thick traces will soak up heat much faster than most PCBs that have only 1-ounce copper.

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