DIGWDF OneStick bare board

Wireless, 1-channel, high-capacity dimming controller for AC lights! This puppy can handle 7amps on current at 120vac!

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Leave it to the DIGWDF engineers to create this outrageous, single-channel wireless controller for AC lights! Sure, there are lots of wireless ones you can buy at the local hardware store, but they don't dim, and secondarily, you can't control them from within your light show! If you have a need to control a single AC flood light (or light string, etc.) the OneStick is the answer! This little gizmo can handle up to 7A of current, too. That's a 800 watts of infinitely dimmable incandescent lights!

Be sure to read the assembly & user guide (click on the download tab above) and find out how easy it is to assemble this little guy. And by little, we're talking less than 1" x 5" long! It's small enough to be easily hidden inside a PVC pipe, so you can waterproof it if you like, too!

Want to see a OneStick in action? Here you go: https://vimeo.com/208250890