Zooooch 309

Zooooch 309

Awesome self-driving, all-electric car!

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The DIGWDF engineering staff is pleased to announce the Zooooch 309, the worlds first two-way, self-driving car! So you ask, "Two way?" Yes, that's right. It has the same features both front and back, and in fact, the passengers always have a windshield view regardless of whether they face one way or another because the seats back up to each other in the middle of the chassis! How do you know which is the front and back? Well, it depends on which way you're facing! It's an instant conversation/argument starter!

For emergencies, there is a hookup for the pair of optional steering wheels on each end; the extra one is stored under the seat along with any luggage.

The Zooooch 309 is a car that pleases everyone. For example, along with the two steering wheels, there are two complete sets of operational controls! Don't like the ball game playing in the front? No problem, switch on the opera in the back and listen in! It's a dream come true. A bad dream perhaps, but a dream nonetheless! Yessirree, two sets of brakes, two accelerator pedals, it's even got two glove compartments!

The Zooooch 309 is customized to your specific need, and thus, we don't keep many of them in stock. Choice of colors include mungbean tan, sorta orange, banana creme (displayed) and pukecumber (our version of cucumber green). We also match the interior smell to your chosen color to enhance your driving experience even further.



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