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Monochrome pixels to supercharge your candy canes!

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DIGWDF leads the way again -- nobody on the planet offers something this crazy! Everybody and their dogs wants RGB pixels but we've designed a board so that you can populate it with one color! These are perfect for converting commercial candy canes into pixels when normal bullet or square pixels won't fit inside the tubes and even if they did, turning on a green light inside a red/white tube looks kinda strange...  Monopixels let your candy canes glow in the colors they're supposed to be -- red and white! 

The PCB is 1/2" wide x 11" long, has 6 LEDs spaced 1.8" apart and you can easily daisy-chain multiple PCBs together for a longer display. The boards are flexible enough to bend around the crook of a candy cane, and the white silkscreen reflects a lot of light. For an even better look, use diffused LEDs instead of the clear lens type!

Two purchase options are available -- sets of 3 PCBs for the shorter 36" commercial candy canes or a set of 5 PCBs for the taller, 5' canes. Or, consider buying a set of 5 and using only 1 PCB in each of the short, 12" candy canes that come in packs of 5 or 10 to a box -- and turn a static display piece into something you can animate and add excitement to your show! Your viewers will wonder, "How the heck did he get those candy canes to work like that?" 

Be sure to click on the DOWNLOAD tab above and get the free MonoPixel Assembly & User Guide! And of course, shipping is included in the pricing.

What do monopixels look like in action? Check this out!:


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