XBee/Wi-Fi Bridge Kit

Put your XBee controllers on your Wi-Fi network -- it's an Wi-Fi/XBee Bridge!

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So you've got XBee radios controlling your show and now you're considering changing over to Wi-Fi -- but you hate to toss those expensive XBee radios and wish there was a way to do both via Wi-Fi instead of having two transmitters? HERE YOU GO!!!

This kit contains all the hardware you need, including the ESP radio! You provide your own XBee radio, the power supply (such as a 5v cell phone charger) and the box to put it in, such as a TA-200. 

Ohhhhhh geeeeeezzzzzz!!! Is this unbelievable or what? Can it be this easy? And I can do this for under $15??? YESSSSS!!!

Another cool thing is you don't even have to change your existing XBee-based controllers -- you can use them as-is, and none of your XBee investment goes to waste! And if you like, you can optionally build-out the provided Ren-W SMA board and later, use it to interface to other controllers directly either via XBee or Wi-Fi!

This is just another example of how DIGWDF can help you lower the cost of blinky-flashy while simultaneously expanding your capabilities -- and that's why we invent these crazy things!