SSRez/SSRhc Wi-Fi Adapter bare board

*NEW* Wireless adapter for the popular SSRez, SSRhc and SSRneon solid state relays -- fits inside a TA-200 case, too! 

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If you have any SSRez, SSRhc or SSRneon solid state relays that you want to convert into standalone controllers, this is the gizmo for you! Build time is about 20 minutes, flash the PIC with your favorite flavor of PIC16F1825 firmware, flash an ESP module with firmware for your network setup, stuff it all inside a TA-200 case and bingo! You've got yourself a wireless, 4-channel AC controller! 

After you put this together you'll be asking yourself, "This is a slam dunk -- why didn't I do this before?!?!?" Well, we can't really answer that question because it will insinuate that you've... well, we'll leave that alone... 

All we can say is that this adapter will help you get that old SSR gear out of a dusty corner of the garage and put it back into service in your show. This is the adapter you've been waiting for all those years... and now it's a reality!!!

Want more info? Click the DOWNLOAD tab above to get to the assembly & user guide and you'll find out all you want to know! And then, as your mouse travels near the ADD TO CART button, allow yourself to succumb to the power of blinky-flashy and CLICK ON IT!!!


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