DirkCheap817+ (Set of 2 boards)

DirkCheap817+ (Set of 2 boards)

The 817+ is an upgraded DirkCheap817 with 8 transistors -- TWO for each channel!

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WHAT?!?!? Eight transistors for a four-channel DC SSR? Yep. You can assemble it just like the normal 817 or, this baby has an extra set of mounting holes for a second transistor for each channel. The second transistor means these will run cooler at maximum current than the regular 817, and it can REALLY take the guff!!! Because of that, this one specializes in the 12-24 volt range -- but of course, it's perfectly happy at 5vdc, too!

The DirkCheap817+ is a small footprint SSR for DC lighting (1"W x 3-1/2"L) that can easily handle upwards of 2 amps per channel when used with the KSC2328AYBU transistor. Using the inexpensive PC817 optocoupler, this SSR works seamlessly alongside your AC SSRs -- plug it in and it'll work without changing firmware or cabling -- except power, of course: the DirkCheap817+ can accommodate power voltages between 5-30vdc.

Easy and inexpensive to build, the DirkCheap817 is perfectly suited for LED strips and other electronics needing moderate DC power. Sold in lots of 2 bare boards per set. Be sure to download the assembly and user guide for the 817 as the 817+ shares the same guide -- click on the download tab above to access it.