Early version of the XBee/ESP Snap-In for Bill Porter's firmware

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Bill Porter modified the original ESP firmware by adding Renard and Renard-DMX capability. In so doing, he used the TX pin as the communication pin to a controller. Later, Shelby tweaked the firmware even further, but Shelby's version used the GPIO-2 pin as the communication pin.

As luck would have it, we had a run of boards made that were designed for Bill Porter's version, and that's what these are. However, they can be easily hacked to use the GPIO-2 pin instead, and you can see the simple hacks in the photos. You need to cut a trace on the top side of the board to disconnect the TX pin and then, on the bottom side of the board, you need to connect pin 2 of the XBee header to the ESP's pin with a short, 1" wire. Both of these hacks are very simple to do, but they're only necessary if you decide to use Shelby's version of the firmware; if you use Bill Porter's version, no modification is necessary. And of course, if you plan to use an XBee radio, no modification of the PCB is necessary, either.

Each PCB has been carefully marked to show what to cut and what to connect, so it's pretty hard to go wrong! 

Oh, and a couple other things... this board requires the UA78M33CKCS voltage regulator and the 100uf cap in place of the .1uf cap as printed on the PCB if you plan to use an ESP module with it.


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