Limited Edition DirkCheapSSR (Set of 4 boards)

A tiny, low cost, low-current, 4-channel SSR for A/C use. The DirkCheapSSR became the most popular SSR on the planet, but with users' interests shifting toward pixels, we won't be replenishing stock on these when the current supply has run out. A sad day for the blinky-flashy world...

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The DirkCheapSSR is a no-frills SSR for A/C current, about 13/16" wide x 2-3/8" long, with the intent that all parts and wires are soldered directly to the board, but you certainly can use DIP-8 sockets for the chips if you wish. Required parts are four 680-ohm 1/4w or 1/8w resistors and four Vishay VO2223A optocoupler/phototriac chips. This limited edition of the DirkCheapSSR includes an optional status LED which adds the LED and another 680 ohm resistor to the materials list. A DirkCheapSSR can accommodate a maximum of 1A of current per channel. There is no protective fuse -- you use a fused plug cut from a string of lights. The photos display a set of four unpopulated green Limited Edition boards, a completed green Limited Edition DirkCheapSSR with the status LED illuminated, and a panel of 10 of the original blue DirkCheapSSRs.

While designed for 120vac use, the DirkCheapSSR can also be used with 240vac current although at only half the rated amperage value. This should still be adequate for a single string of 100-count mini-lights or LEDs that draw less than 1/2amp current, and be sure to adequately fuse the source power lead to not more than 2 amps.

Note: the status LED draws extra current from the controller and really doesn't accomplish much other than show that lines 1 and 7 of the cat 5 cable are connected to the controller. It gives you absolutely no assurance that the channel connections on lines 2-4-6-8 are good, but we added it to the SSR for those folks that "absolutely must have a status LED..." 

This ORIGINAL blue DirkCheapSSR and full kits are available from:

The Limited Edition green board is available in sets of 4 only and only through the DIGWDF store. 

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