MiniRenSISO Adapter Kit

MiniRenSISO Adapter Kit

Turns any Renzilla or MiniRen wireless controlle into a normal, daisy-chainable Renard using the RS485 communication protocol. MiniRenSISO stands for "serial input/serial output." Can also be used as an RS485 repeater!

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The MiniRenSISO kit adds complete serial input and serial output capability to any MiniRen or RenBuss controller in place of using the MiniRen with the XBee radio in wireless mode or the RenBuss with the normal buss wiring scheme. What's more, the SISO can be used as a standalone RS232 to RS485 converter, or as an RS485 repeater if you need to boost your serial signal! All parts and instructions are included in this kit which requires about a half-hour to assemble. Shipping/handling included, too.

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