MiniRen8/8VOXB board

Wireless 8-channel controller for low-current A/C lighting. This was really a great little controller but we've stopped producing it due to low interest. 

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The MiniRen8/8VOXB is a very close relative to the MiniRen8/8XB, but has slightly less current-carrying capacity since it uses the DirkCheapSSR's VO2223A chip instead of the traditional optocoupler/triac design. Each individual channel is limited to a maximum of 1-amp of A/C current with the board's maximum total current being 5-amps. Having fewer parts than most controllers, the MiniRen8/8VOXB is quick to assemble. This is a very compact, fully-capable wireless 8-channel controller at only 2-3/4" wide x 5" long. Of course, it's also compatible with all of the MiniRen adapters, making this one of the most flexible Renard controller boards you can find anywhere on our planet (although we've heard that the Martians offer a very competitive alternative). And don't forget -- our prices include shipping!