DIGWDF 675 Controller bare board

A small, 4-channel self-standing controller -- perfect match for the DirkCheapSSR or the DIGWDF-817!

More details

Measuring only 2-5/8" x 8/10", the DIGWDF 675 is a small, self-standing 4-channel controller that only needs +5vdc power to automatically run the sequence flashed into the on-board PIC12F675 chip. The 675's jumper headers allow selecting which channel of the four provided through the cat5 cable that the controller reacts to. The 675 is designed to work with a Ren48LSD, Ren24LV or similar higher-powered board that can supply upwards of 160ma of current per channel. (Caution: Powering it directly from a non-powered board may draw too much current and damage the non-powered board's chip.) The DIGWDF675 is a perfect match for the DirkCheapSSR and can also be run from the MiniRen8XBLSD for a wireless solution.

The DIGWDF 675 requires special firmware for the PIC12F675 chip, available by clicking on the download tab, then selecting the file from that page. You'll also find the construction and operation manual there. You can modify the firmware to suit your own blinky-flashy need, creating your own blinking sequence for the four channels the 675 can control.

See photo above of a completed 675 and a 675 next to a DirkCheapSSR for size comparison. To see a sample video of the 675 in action using the default sequence to light a 4-channel firestick with DirkCheapSSRs, click here: http://diychristmas.org/dirknerkle/video/675_test.wmv